April 29

Acrostic Poetry by P3/4

C astles

A re made for defence and are

S afe for some people like Lords

T he first castles were Motte and Bailey and

L ances are long stick-like weapons that you charge with

E dinburgh Castle is one of the least ruined castles

S words, axes and shields were used.

by Max


C astles are where we live

A nd where we attack our enemy’s

S ee through all our windows

T he buddies are coming

L ead them to the dungeons

E at in our great hall

S lam the door behind us and lock it.

by Ruby H


C ourtyards inner and outer the castle

A ttacking castles a lot

S o many castles

T o attack

L ots ruined

E ven stone castles ruined

S ame people invaded castles.

by Daniel


C astles use to be made out of wood

A rmour was the same so they had coats of arms

S ervants, blacksmiths and knights all lived in a castle

T the castle had a well so they could collect water

L iving in a castle sometimes was tough

E very lord and lady wanted a castle.

by Paige


C astles are sometimes dark

A nd they have rooms in them

S omtimes they have pictures on the walls

T things are kept in them

L ike swords and silver armour

E ven animals were in them too.

by Georgia



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