April 29

Our Artwork


P1030135 P1030136

We used the traditional Chinese willow pattern as our inspiration for our plates.

P1010578 (2)

Positive and Negative Handprints

P1010580 (2) P1010581 (2)

Salad Spinner Art

  P1000809 (2)  P1000810 (2) P1000812 (2)

We have been very busy making our walls look bright and cheerful!

 Primary 1


We used celery and 6 different colours to print scales on to our Rainbow Fish.

P1020654 (2) P1020653 (2)

We looked at the work of Andy Warholl.

We were impressed by his use of colour

DSCF0100 (2) DSCF0101 (2)

We made fireworks pitures using, black paper, colourful paint and glitter.

We used straws dipped in paint to create a firework effect.

P1000797 (2) P1000798 (2)

We created self portraits using a variety of materials.  We spoke about our similarities and differences and how we are all unique.

 Primary 2


P1030059 P1030060 P1030061 P1030062 P1030066 P1030067 P1030068 P1030069

Spring has sprung in our class!

P1020656 (2) P1020657 (2)

We looked at the line of symmetry.

We made these symmetrical patterns.

DSCF0106 (2) DSCF0107 (2)

We used charcoal and pastels to create lightening in the night sky.

P1010554 P1010549

We did paintings inspired by Kandinsky’s ‘Farbstudie Quadrate’

We mixed primary colours to make secondary colours for our circles.

P1000793 (2)

We created beautiful seaside pictures using different materials.

 Primary 2/3

P1020649 (2) P1020648 (2) P1020647 (2) P1020646 (2)

 We made mosaic patterns.

The Romans sometimes used mosaic patterns to decorate buildings.

DSCF0117 (2) DSCF0119 (2)

We drew pictures of our cajon performance and said how it made us feel.

 DSCF0116 (2) DSCF0115 (2)

We made our firework pictures by using marbles and paint

and then drew a chalk city to stick on top.

 DSCF0111 (2) DSCF0112 (2)

We made wax resist paintings to show a scene from a story.

We did this by drawing a crayon picture and painting black paint over it.

    P1000791 (2) P1000792 (2)

Fantastic Mr Fox

 Primary 3

P1030076 P1030078

We imagined we were little mice, looking up to these giant flowers!

DSCF0094 (2) DSCF0095 (2)

We did these giant poppies to commemorate Remembrance day.

P1010585 (2)

We used the description of the Roly Poly Bird in ‘The Enormous Crocodile’, as the inspiration for our art.

We used collage skills to create our birds!

P1000801 (2) P1000799 (2)

We painted and used collage to create these pictures in the style of Monet.

Primary 3/4

P1030079 P1030080 P1030081 P1030082

We’ve been studying the body this term.

We’ve learned such a lot!

DSCF0096 (2) DSCF0097 (2)

We created these simple Autumn trees by mixing autumn colours.

DSCF0098 (2) DSCF0099 (2)

We made these very effective skeleton pictures using black paper and staws!


We worked in collaborative groups to complete this story quilt, sharing different parts of the story.

P1000807 (2)

Just like a jigsaw puzzle, we are all different, individual pieces, that fit together to make a complete picture.

Primary 4

P1020544 (2) P1020541 (2) P1020543 (2) P1020542 (2)

 We looked at colour and texture to create our fruity artwork.

P1010575 (2) P1010576 (2)

We created pictures of the sea using different media.

We thought about the colours we wanted to use and the kind of lines to create different effects.

Primary 5

 P1020547 (2) P1020546 (2)

We looked at shades of ‘winter’ to create these paintings.

 P1010573 (2) P1010574 (2)

We used shades of ‘Autumn’ to create these paintings.


We are reaching for the stars!

Primary 6

P1020663 P1020666 (2)

We have been studying the rainforest this term.

 P1010569 (2) P1010570 (2)

Ink Block Prints, inspired by William Morris Patterns

P1000781 (2) P1000782 (2)

Portraits of Queen Victoria

Primary 7a

P1030049 P1030050 P1030051 P1030052

Chinese Lions are our inspiration for our colourful artwork!

P1020523 (2) P1020522 (2)

We based our artwork on traditional Chinese willow patterns and cherry blossom.

 P1010560 (2) P1010561 (2)

We liked Lichtenstein’s fruit bowl still life.  We used bold, block colours to complete the pieces of fruit.

We used simple black and white repetitive patterns for the background.

P1000787 (2) P1000788 (2)

 Pop art self portraits in the style of Roy Lichtenstein.


P1020644 (2) P1020642 (2)

Vincent Van Gogh’s painting ‘Sunflowers’, was the inspiration for our artwork.

P1010562 (2) P1010564 (2)

We have been learning about different styles of art.  This still life is in a ‘Fauvist’ style.  Fauvism was the first new artistic style of the 20th century and when it was first shown in a Paris art gallery, the contrast to traditional art was so striking that a critic described the artists as ‘Les Fauves’ (wild beasts).  Fauves believed that colour and a strong pattern were more important than being realistic.

P1000789 (2) P1000790 (2)

Monochrome Self Portraits

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