April 29

Primary 3 – PINK!

LI – to write an imagined personal response.


Dear Diary… Wen I wocup I was pink.  I was shoct wen I went duonsdars my mum was shoct to.  We went to the docdrs .  My docdr coodint find the cyoor.  I was sad.  I wotad to go to amerca.  I went to amerca.  I seen fmmggos.  I misd my mum and dad so I went home.

by Aidan


Dear Diary… When I woke up pink I felt shoked so I went to the doctar he could do noufan.  When I went to school evry body laft at me I was embarrast so when I went home I went to Africa.  I swam for 7 days and knits.  When I got there I could do nofing what they could do so I went home and evryone was happy to sea me.  I felt happy.

by Patrick


Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuum I am pink.  I don’t want to be pink.  Why dose it always have to be me all the time.  My friends will laufed at me.  Mum will you come with me to the docter.  Penguins can be blue when they are cold and can be green when they are sick but they can’t be pink but flimingose can be pink and they are birds and you are a bird to ok.  2 hours later – mum evryone at school were teezing me like a baby and evryone are being meen to me.

by Sophie H


Dear Diary… I woke up this morning and I was pink!  I felt angry, sad and weerd.  I went to school.  I had to walk with my frends Lulu and Arthur.  Lulu asced me what hapind? and then I went to the docter.  He got his big book out and seid you go blue if you are coald.  But pink you will just haft to get yoost to being pink.  Get yoost to it are you mad!  Come on my mum seid you haft to go to school.  OK mum I seid and I went to school.  I got laft at.  I felt sad.  I went home.  I told my dad and he just seid Oh thats a shame.  The next day I went to school Lulu seid that her favourite colure was pink but it still didn’t feel much better.

by Shona

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