August 23

2016-2017 Staffing

staffing-networkStaffing for this session is as follows:

Acting Head Teacher – Miss Gemmell

Acting Depute Head Teacher – Mrs Stevenson


P1A – Mrs Chatham
P1B – Mr Drysdale
P2A – Miss Watson
P2B – Miss Hopkirk/Mrs Ball
P3 – Mrs Turnbull
P4 – Mrs Mccaffery
P5 – Ms Gordon
P5/6 – Miss Holmes
P6 – Mrs Dorren
P7 – Miss Pearston/Mrs Stevenson

Music – Mrs Callaghan
PE – Mrs Jones

Learning Assistants – Mrs Capaldi, Mrs Young, Mrs Heppelwhite, Mrs Murray, Mrs Selfridge

Nursery SCCSW – Mrs Daly
Nursery CCDW – Mrs Grieve, Mrs Ballantyne, Ms Blackburn, Mrs Tweedie, Mrs Leask and Miss Kelly
Nursery Learning Assistant – Mts McCall

Office Staff – Mrs Scott and Mrs Young

Janitor – Mr Wakefield

Kitchen – Mrs Mitchell

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