January 27

Science Open Morning – Parental Feedback

Thank you so much to all the parents who attended our Science Open Morning yesterday and for your feedback.

Please see the feedback below:

  • Such an amazing morning! Lots of fun and very interesting.
  • Thank you for having us to your open morning, lovely to see the children really ‘into’ the science experiments.
  • I’m sure they [children] will love Generation Science – thank you again
  • Great to see all the kids doing something different. Well done for putting this together.
  • Great to see all the work the kids are doing – very interesting and fun.
  • Lovely to see the pupils engaged and interested in science. P2 were loving their soluble/insoluble experiment.
  • Was really nice to go round the classes – excellent idea. I think science can really peak imaginations especially the hands on stuff. Really liked the morning.
  • A lot of confusion – but the children seemed to enjoy playing (learning) with the magnets
  • Fantastic time playing with bubbles and ‘telephones’. Lots of fun activities and a great variety. Well done! 🙂
  • University of Edinburgh have a doors open day at the Kings Buildings and they do cool experiments ie make ice cream and lava lamps – worth noting the date (October)
  • Really lovely to get to see all the things the kids have been doing and to see how much they have all learned.
  • Loved the Genetics done in Primary 6, the class were loving it!
  • Loved seeing the children working in class. Also very informative talk from Mr Drysdale – any chance of a list of the resources we can use at home on twitter or such?
  • Kids really enjoyed. Was lovely to come in and see the kids working together and they knew lots on the subject.
  • Great being able to see all the classes. Really interesting to see what the kids are up to!
  • Enjoyed seeing the children learning and interacting 🙂
  • Kids enjoyed it, lots of fun. Good to see how they interact.
  • Great to see the kids so engaged in their learning. Allows their minds to think of the answers/what might happen/explore why it is happening. Great way to learn how to problem solve. Well done to the teachers for managing the class.
  • Another great opportunity to see the children happy and having fun discovering new things – this time through science. Terrific to get them interested in this diverse subject, thanks.
  • Lovely to see such enthusiasm with all the different tasks the children can be involved in.
  • Another fantastic parent opportunity. It was so nice to hear all that the children are going to be learning and to have the opportunity to see what they do in the classroom. Many thanks for organising, most enjoyable.
  • Fab selection of sound experiments in P3
  • Great to have chance to see what they are up to – can we have science in LOL?
  • Nice to see the children involved and interested with a relaxed atmosphere
  • So nice to be in the classroom and be part of all the excitement. The children absolutely loved the experiments both in the early years and further up the school. Thank you!
  • Any chance of proper milk for coffee? 🙂

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