February 1


Imaginative poetry in P7 today with adjectives and similes/metaphors galore:


I see,

Huge grey humps looking like floating rocks,

Waves rippling as she majestically moves,

Two massive fins covered in seaweed and moss,

I see Nessie.

I hear,

People’s cameras snapping as she moves into the light,

Chomping sounds as she has her fishy lunch,

Everyone chanting as if they have just won the football,

I hear Nessie.


I smell,

The salty water that she glides through gracefully,

Damp, slimy air that makes me feel sick,

Fresh heather along the loch’s sandy side,

I smell Nessie.


I feel,

The damp air covering me like another layer,

Rain elegantly dropping on my blue, pink and green umbrella,

The ground quivering as everyone rushes to see,

I feel Nessie.

By Lucy B P7

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