February 13

P2/3 Human Body Topic

P2/3 have been enjoying our topic about the human body and are learning lots of new things every day. In the corner of the classroom,  we have a hospital which we play in.  We call it a “role play area”.   We have learnt how the brain works, about how the left hand side of the brain controls the right side and the right hand side controls the left side.  P2/3 are very proud of how hard they have been working to learn about the human body.

By Caoimhe

P2/3 have been learning about the body.  We have been learning about the scull and all the bones such as the funny bone.  We have been using the body topic to learn French by playing Simon Says in French and have wrote poems about the skeleton.  As well as learning about the body, we have been using art to learn more.  We have been drawing pictures of what we do outside school like playing football, swimming and dancing.  In numeracy, we have been learning the 2 times table and in spelling we have been learning our spelling patterns.  We also like to do yoga in P2/3.

By Ava

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