December 10

Free School Meals and BACS payments

·         All payments  are made only to parents/carers where a pupil is eligible for Free School Meals.

·         Where a pupil is currently not eligible for Free School Meals and a parent/carers think they may be eligible, the application process must be followed and completed.

·         The retrospective payment for the school holiday period in October was recently agreed by the Scottish Government.

·         The Christmas Holiday payment covers the period for P1-P3 pupils eligible for Free School Meals.

·         As part of the First Minister’s Winter Plan for Social Protection, the Scottish Government announced that a £100 payment per eligible child be made to families in receipt of Free School Meals.

·         Children and young people receiving universal Free School Meal provision – i.e. those in P1-P3 who would not qualify for Free School Meals on low income criteria – are not eligible.

·         It will only cover pupils currently eligible and applications received up until Tues 22nd December 2020 which are subsequently approved.

·         Payments for any applications received on or before Tuesday 22nd December 2020 but not yet completed/processed will be made by Friday 15th January 2021.


If you have any Free School Meals  enquiries please email

If you have any wider queries about welfare and benefits please see Council website where there are various resources to consider:

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