November 19


Staffing 2017-18


Head Teacher: Laura Cameron

Depute Head Teacher: Lynsey Stevenson

Principal Teacher: Andrew Drysdale


Nursery :  Emma Daly, Stacey Burns-Clark, Jill Grieve, Brenda Ballantyne, Caron Falconer, Carol Tweedie, Susan McCall, Michelle Leask

Primary 1a: Emma Hopkirk

Primary 1b: Andrew Drysdale

Primary 2: Laura Macgregor and Christine Davies

Primary 2/3: John Deed and Abby Chatham

Primary 3: Susie Turnbull

Primary 4: Lyndsey Holmes

Primary 5: Louise McGlade and Sandra Dorren

Primary 6: Sarah Denholm and Lynsey Stevenson

Primary 6/7: Sandie Gordon

Primary 7: Vicki Murphy

Support for Learning: Alison Cole

Music: Elaine Callaghan

P.E: Caroline Jones

Learning Assistants: Lesley Capaldi, Carol Hepplewhite, Stacey Murray, Anne Selfridge, Annie Young

Secretary: Norma Scott

Office Support: Annie Young

Janitor: Daryl Wakefield

Cook: Tracey Mitchell