March 21

Bad Weather Resources

Pupils are encouraged to go outside in most weather conditions and should have waterproofs etc when the weather is wet or snowy.  When the playgrounds are particularly wet or icy, pupils may not be allowed outside at break times for their own safety.  In snowy weather, main paths into the school will be gritted i.e. the school car park, from the P1/2 gate to the nearest pupil entrance doors and from P6/7 gate to the nearest entrance door.

In the event of severe weather, parents are advised to check Midlothian Council’s website and to listen to Radio Forth for up to date information about school closures.  The school operates a text messaging service and parents may receive notification via this method should the school be closed during the school day.

Here are some tasks that can be carried out at home should the school be closed.

Cornbank Primary School Bad Weather Activities-1dr7qap