November 8

Parents/Carers Survey to inform our plans for Expansion of ELC to 1140 hours in 2020

As you may be aware the Scottish Government are almost doubling Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) entitlement available in Early Learning and Childcare settings for all three and four-year-olds and eligible two-year-olds by 2020.

The move will see the hours increased from 600 to 1140 hours, a change from around 16 hours to about 30 hours of free ELC per week. Parents will have the option to use it during term time or it could be spread all year round to cover holiday periods and fit in with work patterns as well.

Parents and carers are being asked to fill in a new Midlothian Council survey about how they would use the 1140 hours of free early learning and childcare (EL&C) they will be entitled to by 2020.

We would encourage all parents and carers to fill in the survey.

If you have any questions about the survey, please email

Julie Fox, Schools Group Manager
Improving Attainment in Early Years

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October 30

Class Calendars 2018

If you wish to order 2018 class calendars please complete the order form which has been issued home and return to school by Friday 24th November 2017.  Samples of these are below.

The cost is £2 each calendar or 3 calendars for £5.  Payment is required with the order and any cheques should be made payable to Cornbank Primary School.

We appreciate your continued support.

Lynsey Stevenson
Depute Head Teacher

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October 11

Shared Start

Thank you to everyone who took part in the recent P1-3 Shared Start.  Below are the evaluations from the sessions.

Shared Start Evaluation Responses – Term 1 2017

  1. What did you expect from the session?
  • Take part and find out how they learn – development of ideas
  • See the kids in situ and watch them learn
  • To have fun doing activities with my daughter
  • To see what Beth’s classroom is like and what kind of work they were doing
  • To see how children are in the classroom, interact and how they learn
  • Experience learning
  • Working with my child and experience tasks with them and their class
  • Fun and educational, great fun!
  • Fun and be able to interact with child
  • To see how my child is doing
  • To have fun and get to know what children are working on
  • To observe my child in class and discover how the class works together and what they do
  • See my child’s learning
  • I expected to see pupil doing classwork
  • To join in and see what goes on in class
  • To see my child in a structured learning environment
  • An opportunity to see the pupils at work, how they learn, classroom experience etc.
  • To see how children learn
  • How she gets on in group, observing and joining in with groups – numbers/writing, how to assist with homework
  • To experience a small part of my child’s learning
  • Working in groups
  • To see what my child is learning at school
  • To see and hear examples of what the P2s are learning and how they are shown how to do activities
  • Spending time seeing what kids are doing in class
  • To be able to see the children doing work exercises
  • To see what the kids were learning and how their class works
  • Thought it would be more sit at table and less fun (old times)
  • To watch the activities that are done in the class
  • Lots of fun!
  • To see a few activities that the children do in class
  • Exactly what we got!
  • To see what my child is working on
  • Great to see the different numeracy activities in class
  • Having undertaken shared start sessions previously I had an idea of what was involved. Each occasion I’ve attended has been great – this session was no exception.  It’s great to see my son in a different environment.  I had lots of fun.
  • To find out what happens in class
  • To see some of what the children do with their time in class
  • A general overview of class tasks and to witness how the class are getting on
  • To learn what activities daily class involves
  • To get a feel of what the children do in class
  • To find out what happens in class and how the kids work


  1. Did it meet your expectations?


Yes            41                                                                    No       0



  1. Were the timings convenient? Please explain why


Yes            40                                                                    No       1


  • Still time to get to work a bit later after
  • I am a stay at home mum so either suits at the start of the end of the day
  • First day back to school may not be convenient as children aren’t settled yet
  • Useful to attend before starting work
  • A variety of days
  • I took time off work to attend
  • First thing then can go to work
  • I work mornings to had to take time off
  • It was great coming straight from drop off
  • It is easier for me to go into work late
  • Immediately after drop off works well
  • Just after drop off
  • I don’t work on a Thursday, could then get work done after shared start
  • There were varied days to choose from
  • Right after drop off
  • Perfect being right at the start of the day
  • Easier to get into work later rather than leave and go back
  • Yes, seeing what they are doing great
  • First thing in the morning is very handy
  • 1st thing works best
  • Yes – straight after the bell is good
  • Good that it was shortly after drop off
  • It’s convenient at the beginning of the day


  1. What was helpful in supporting your child at home?
  • Yes – great
  • See visual exercises – how to make learning fun
  • Yes – good to see where they are in Numeracy and different game ideas
  • Very – think I have a better idea of some Numeracy work
  • Yes
  • Fun game with phonics and numbers
  • Spotting areas that need help and encouragement with trickier multiplications
  • Reading books
  • Going over times tables using a variety of methods – e.g. the football game they liked bumping their opponent off
  • Need to practise his numbers with him
  • Knowing what they are working on
  • Learning what they are doing in Numeracy so we can work on it at home
  • Yes – good to see the best way to help them with sounds and games we can play
  • I got to see how she is doing at school so know what her strengths are
  • It’s given me some great ideas to try at home
  • To a point, much of it are things we do at home. But it was good to see in practice
  • Seeing different activities, methods for teaching, pace etc.
  • Yes
  • Yes – ways to help with looking at number homework
  • Understand learning methods
  • Yes
  • Seeing different tools that are used for teaching e.g. number lines and bingo
  • Seeing what they are working on in class
  • Good for checking what level they are getting their work pitched at – good for LOL
  • Understanding what stage they are at in class
  • The homework jotter – more space to write and do Maths
  • Counting games
  • Very much
  • See how you teach counting coins
  • Knowing what times tables he is working on
  • Yes – was lovely to see what work they were doing
  • Yes – it gave me some ideas for fun activities at home
  • Finding out numeracy apps on ipad and games to help learning
  • Able to talk about their day
  • Different strategies for learning
  • Yes as I have an insight of what they do in class and how they learn
  • We’ll see!


  1. How could we improve Shared Start?
  • N/A – tea/coffee before was great!
  • Great, really enjoy it
  • Sessions throughout the school P1-P7
  • Everything’s perfect
  • More regular occasions through the year. Loved the dancing in give me 5.
  • Nothing
  • More disco fun in French! Hilarious!
  • Explain more beforehand. What are we coming to?
  • Maybe do sessions at the end of the day
  • More sessions
  • Nothing that I can think of. A really enjoyable visit.  Thank you.
  • Probably in the minority but I would like to see it more often but I understand it takes a lot of effort for teachers etc. Also wouldn’t mind if it was done in upper school but realise the above makes it tricky.
  • Nothing – seeing them learn and have so much fun. Thank you.
  • More of them? Grandparent shared start sessions?
  • More please!
  • Hopefully Shared Start continues throughout the years
  • N/A
  • Nothing
  • Keep doing it the way you do it! Would be good to see it continue into P4 and up J
  • I think it works well
  • Nothing
  • No improvements


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September 29

Fanmazing Books!!

Just to let you know our Bookfair Week starts on Monday 2nd October and runs for the full week.

Children will have the opportunity to browse the Bookfair during school time and the Bookfair will be open during both Parental Consultations next week.

Thanks to our P7 pupils who have done an amazing job of organising the Bookfair and will manage the running of this next week too.

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