February 20

Rotary Quiz

The Penicuik rotary quiz took place on Thursday the 16th of February in Penicuik High School. Four pupils from the two primary seven classes took place in the quiz. Two from primary 7b and two from primary 7a. The competitors were Patrick McWilliams, Roy Meham, Chloe Steel and Caitlin Rennie. There were two tables set up on the stage, one for Cuicken and one for Cornbank. Underneath these on the hall floor were four more tables. These were for Morriswood, Strathesk, Sacred Heart and Roslin. After we were settled in our seats the quiz began. Several rounds later (in almost all areas) Morriswood and Roslin were tied first so they had another round for the two schools but yet again they were tied so the quiz master gave them one more question and who ever got the closest year as their answerer would win. Roslin got the closest answer  so they are going into the next round at a later date. Morriswood came second and Cornbank came third. Each person got their own goodie bag which included a note pad, animal patterned pen and a packet a sweets along with a certificate to say they had been in the Penicuik rotary quiz 2015.

Caitlin Rennie p7b

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